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Please be advised that due to insurance purposes and effective immediately, the Marshall County Hunting and Fishing Club will no longer permit members to bring a guest (non-member). If any member is found bringing non-members to the range to shoot, their membership will be revoked with no reimbursement of paid dues. This excludes any public shoots/practices and Sight-in days.

Mowing of Club Property

Currently the contractor who is mowing the club property is doing the mowing on Tuesdays. All ranges are closed when the mowing is being done. There will be times when the contractor will be unable to mow on Tuesdays. These times will include but not limited to inclement weather or unforeseen problems which the contractor may encounter and would disrupt the contractor’s schedule. There may be little or no warning of such problems.

Trap Shooting

Shoot dates and starting times can be found on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS  section of this site. Single click on the listed event for a particular day to obtain additional information for that event. The starting times for the events are listed. The ending times may vary depending on number of shooters or other factors.

Trap shooting December through February is not always scheduled. Outside temperature of 30 degrees or less will result in shooting being canceled. People interested in shooting during those times are encouraged to keep themselves informed as to event status. Checking the CALENDAR OF EVENTS is suggested.

Additional information can be obtained by attending the monthly meetings or from the CONTACTS section of this site.

A trap shooting entry indicates practice and may also include Annies or Protectors if there are enough interested shooters present for that particular shooting date. The starting times listed are normally accurate for the practice portion of the events. The starting times for the Annies and Protectors are typically later than the starting time for the practice.
Registered trap shooting events will be listed as such on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS section of this site. Starting times for the registered events are normally close to the time listed on the calendar.

Benchrest Shooting

Shoot dates and starting times can be found on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS section of this site.
Additional information can be obtained by visiting the CONTACTS section of this site.

Special Events

Jake’s Day is an annual event at the Club. The Conservation Field Days Event is sponsored by the John E. “Mutt” Martin Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Young people from the community are invited to participate in the day’s activities. Instruction and practical training will be provided in many aspects of outdoor sports. Safety, trap shooting, muzzle loading, rimfire and archery will be part of the program. Other related interactive presentations will also be offered. The event is free to participants. Refreshments provided. Club is closed to all other activities during this event. Additional information can be obtained by visiting the CONTACTS section of this site.
Dates for this event may be found on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS section of this site.

Sight In Days

Sight In Days are typically held during the week before Thanksgiving. Targets are set out at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards and volunteers are present with spotting scopes to aid shooters.
Cost is $3.00/gun for members and $4.00/gun for non-members.
Please check the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for dates.

Range Closings and the Calendar of Events

Club officers try very hard to give members adequate notice of all range closings. There are times however due to our attempt to cooperate with local law enforcement agencies that notice of closings do not have the forewarning that we all would like.

If such an occasion occurs, directors will post notices on affected ranges and the closing will be listed as an event on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS section on this website. While on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS section information may be obtained by clicking on an event listed on any particular day.
Please check this site routinely and also watch for the physical postings at the ranges.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.